Starworks Observatory

  • by Christiane N. Jensen-Haarup
  • Open your eyes
  • Look up!

01 Exoplanets

First European exoplanet observation. Used 12" Meade and Canon Digital Rebel 350D.

02 ATM

16" NAP16 Astrograph 8" NAP8 Astrograph Observatory CCD modification

03 Equipment

Paramount ME 10" Boren-Simon Newton astrograph Apogee Ultra 8300

04 Observatory

Roll-off Roll-on oservatory, 10m2. Build in 2007

About Starworks Observatory

A privatly operated astronomical observatory in Kragelund , the middle of Jutland, Denmark


10`` Boren-Simon Newtonian Astrograph


Paramount ME


Apogee Ultra 8300


MaximDL, TheSkyX, Photoshop CS6, PixInsight, CCDStack

About me

Astronomy has been a personal interest of mine since early childhood. My first telescope was a 4½” Newton of poor quality. First modification was a RA drive made of an old tape recorder and my parents alarm clock. Many years passed with education and differet work but without astronomy until summer 2007 when I found a good SCT and build an observatory in my garden. November 2007 it was ready – what a luxury!

I needed a project to test both equipment and skills and decided to try to observe an exoplanet. 17th February I succeeded with theobservation of XO-2b and later same year also other exoplanets were observed sucessfully. This also was the first exoplanet observation from Denmark. Currently I’m in a learning process of making astrophotography – a very time consuming but interesting work with possible stunning results.

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+45 2826 1617

Tingbakken 88, 8883 Gjern, Denmark